Monday, 7 April 2014


How Can I Get All My Deleted WhatsApp Messages Back

  • Monday, 7 April 2014
  • Gurpreet Singh
  •  Mytrickyclub
    Founded by former Yahoo Employees Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp has now become the most anticipated and well-known messenger. Initially it was available for the cost of US $0.99 every year. After looking at increased popularity and demand, this application is offered free of cost. Today, WhatsApp is found on every average Smartphone. Not just in friend circles, WhatsApp is used in corporate offices because bosses know that their staff is more active on this app than their office email. But sometimes WhatsApp messages can be accidently deleted. If you have lost WhatsApp chats, it is possible to recover them back.

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    Thursday, 9 January 2014


    Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

  • Thursday, 9 January 2014
  • Taran Saini
  • Release date of the Galaxy S5 is more likely to happen on April 2014 contrary to earlier report that the Galaxy S4 replacement is making its grand entry as early as January of the same year, a new report

    Buzz about Samsung launching a new premium smartphone featuring a metal body is getting hotter. According to a report in Korean publication ETNews, the device dubbed Galaxy F may make a debut around the same time as the company's upcoming smartphone flagship Galaxy S5. 

    As per the report, the prototype of the metallic smartphone was developed in Europe and later moved to the company's production facility in Vietnam. An earlier report had said that Samsung is preparing a new Galaxy F line of devices, which will be placed above the S and Note series. However, it was also being speculated that the Galaxy S5 could also sport a metal frame. 

    Previously, alleged images of a metal frame of a Samsung smartphone too had leaked online. It was reported that the metal frame was provided by a Samsung sub-contractor, which has been asked to manufacture it without specifying the model. 

    The frame was 143.83mm in length and 72.27mm in width, compared to the 136.6mm long and 69.8mm wide Galaxy S4. These dimensions suggested a larger screen than 5-inch. It is also rumoured that the Galaxy S5 will have 2K display resolution and 560ppi pixel density, the highest for any smartphone. 

    A Samsung device with model number SM-G900F device, believed to be a higher-end variant of S5, had also appeared on AnTuTu benchmarks. The device that showed up on the benchmark results is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip and 3GB of RAM. The Krait processor part of the chip had been clocked at 2.5GHz. The phone was detected as having 1080p display, though it's possible that Samsung locked the resolution to that particular resolution (Galaxy S5 is said to sport a 2K display). The device was running Android 4.4 KitKat and featured a 16MP camera. It is likely that this device was Galaxy F. 

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