Friday, 28 December 2012


Simple Steps Merging Duplicate Facebook Pages.

  • Friday, 28 December 2012
  • Taran Saini

  •  If you have Fans or Bussiness Page of Similiar  or Duplicate name Facebook Pages or Places, you can easily merge these pages to combine ‘Likes’ and check-ins. Whether you accidentally created duplicate pages when first starting your business page,or have a separate Facebook Page and Place, you can combine these all into one  Single page on Facebook.
    I recently went through Facebook’s new process for merging pages and will walk you through these easy steps to merging duplicate pages.

    Note: Both pages or places must have a similar name before beginning.

    Whether you are merging a Facebook Page or Place, you must have admin access to both.

    • First make sure all the duplicate pages are having the same name.
    •  Then go to the Primary Facebook page you need to keep in long run.
    • Go to Admin Panel => Manage => Edit Page => Resources => Develop your page.
    •  Only if you have duplicate pages under same name, you will be able to see the optionMerge duplicate pages as shown below.

    • Click on Merge duplicate pages.
    •   It will give you below pop up.
    • Check in the pages you need to merge and click Merge Pages.
    • It will take you to below Popup.

    • There you can see a warning stating that only your likes and check-ins will be merged not the content. Content in the duplicate pages will be permanently deleted, so be careful and make sure there are no important content. 
    • If you have any content that need to be merged, you have to upload them manually to primary fan page.
    • Once you click Merge Pages it will show you below confirmation.

    • Now your pages have been successfully merged.
    Here after you won’t be able to access the duplicate pages. But their fans will be re directed to your primary page. Your fans who were in duplicate pages probably won’t feel a difference even after getting re-directed to your primary page since it’s having the same name. In order to avoid any possible confusion you can update a status and let the fans know about the merge. 

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    29 December 2012 at 05:53

    100% Worked

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