Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Protect your Powerpoint Presentation And Excel Files by Password.

  • Tuesday, 25 December 2012
  • Taran Saini
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to use for creative presentations. Today, the latest Technique To present you is by using computer slides. You can prevent this by protecting your document by applying password so that unauthorized person can not display as well as modify your document.


    Their Are Two Types To Protect Presentation

    Password to open the document: Only To open the document and read it not to able to do any change, To Edit or change project you may also know modify password

    Password to modify the document: To do any changes in Project,

    Now To Protect Your Powerpoint Follow These Steps

    1.  Open Your Powerpoint File then click on Tools an then Option.

      2.  Now select security and then enter then passwords for Open and Modify your project.

      3.   Then Confirm Your Open and Modify Password and close your File.

      Important Note Open File Password is Just to open your file and Modify File Passwordis to edit or to do any change to your file. So be sure and careful to enter and remember your Password.

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