Saturday, 29 December 2012


How to Remove App in Blackberry in a simple way

  • Saturday, 29 December 2012
  • Taran Saini

  • Since at the first time you own the Blackberry phone, day by day You might have added some of apps to your Blackberry phone that makes your memory full and have no more space, so that to give more empty memory spaceyou're intended to remove it anyway. If you're new about to use the Blackberry, you might have found an upset thing how to do it. Well, then to remove the apps from your .....
    Blackberry is so easy, as it's easy when you installed them to your BB phone. As I said above there's a reasons why You want to delete/remove some applications from your Blackberry, You might be thought that the app is useless, or the app has the big size that makes your BB loading slowly, etc.

    No matter what your reasons are, the point that you want to remove them from your device, which means whenever if you would like to make them back, you can install them whenever you ready to do it. Well, here are how to remove the app from your Blackberry phone:

    1. Firstly, just simply Press "Menu" 

    2. Choose "Option"

    3. Now you choose "Applications"

    4. Then now you go to the application that you would like to remove.

    5. Now you press Trackpad once

    6. Choose "Delete"

    7. If you found the command to reboot your Blackberry phone, just reboot it if you have to. 

    8. Done

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